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Shun Aiba (相葉瞬 - Aiba Shun) is a racer who participates in MFG. He drives car number 9. He ranked 9th in MFG Year 3 and intends on ranking in the top 5 in MFG Year 4. He is the only racer to drive a Japanese domestic car that ranked in the top 10 (MFG Year 3).


Shun is a capable racer who ranked in the MFG Godly 15 the previous year (Year 3). His goal for year 4 is to rank in the top 5, win the 1 billion yen prize money and date Angel Number 7, who he has a crush on. All advances he has made on Number 7, however, have failed.

Shun meets up with Kanata Rivington by chance at the MFG Office in Odawara as Kanata is registering himself for the MFG and Shun is fishing for details on Number 7. Shun considers Kanata a cute rookie and treats him to a meal. From this point, Shun supports Kanata's endeavours through MFG along with Ogata.



Car Nissan GT-R Nismo (R35)
Color Pearl White
Engine OEM Nissan VR38DETT twin-turbo 3.8L V6
Custom Parts Number 9 vinyl sticker