Ryou Takahashi (タカハシ リョウ - Takahashi Ryou) is the organiser of MFG. Not much is known about him to the public, besides that he is apparently very smart, if not a genius.


Ryou Takahashi started MFG as a continuation to his previous project known as "Project D" (see Initial D series) and as an answer to his theory on ultimate speed on public roads. As the organiser of MFG, not much is known about him as he has asked past contacts to keep information about himself under wraps.

He is also a surgeon.

So far, Ryou Takahashi has not been shown in the series in person and has only been mentioned and featured in a phone call made to him by Fumihiro Jouyuu regarding Kanata Rivington's performance in the preliminaries.






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