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Ogata (緒方 - Ogata) is an ex-racer who participated in MFG in the past. He seems to now work as a mechanic, tuning cars rather than racing them. Ogata loves petrol cars and considers electric cars garbage.


Ogata raced in the MFG in the past (Year 1), but backed out as he came 30 seconds slower than the target time of the preliminaries of that year. He considered the 3rd sector of the course too scary and exhausting to try again. He chose to move over to doing the mechanics side of things, as that is more his skill area than racing, unlike one of his "racing buddies" from the past, who was able to get real results in the MFG, standing above the rest (who this is is currently unknown).

Ogata is a very expressive character who can be quite dramatic. He also enjoys sweets.

Ogata meets Kanata Rivington through Mr Saionji and takes up the position of Kanata's support for the MFG, being on the other end of the radio for him and tuning his car. The car that Kanata races in in MFG is actually Ogata's car that he used in MFG Year 1. Ogata managed to apply for and get the number 86 for his car for the MFG.



Car Toyota 86 GT (ZN6)
Color Lightning Red
Engine OEM Toyota 4U-GSE 2.0L "boxer"
Custom Parts Prodrive sports steering wheel with Works Bell steering boss kit, Lehrmeister Vassano 18" wheels, harmonic drive suspensions, Toyota OEM NSZT-W62G in-car entertainment head unit