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Michael Beckenbauer (ミハイル ベッケンバウアー - Michael Beckenbauer) is a "Godly Fifteen" racer who participates in MFG. He ranked 12th in MFG Year 3 and 1st in MFG Year 4 (Round 3). He drives car number 12.


Michael Beckenbauer is a racing prodigy from Germany, who has graduated Porsche's Motorsport Academy. His entry to the MFG series is said to have "rocked the whole scene". However, Michael is dissatisfied with the level of MFG, stating that it's "nothing but amateurs and has-beens", thus having no interest in the event and wishing to return back to his homeland after the second year.



Round 1[]

Car Porsche 718 Cayman S (982) (Modified)
Color Carrara White Metallic
Engine OEM Porsche MA2.22 2.5L turbocharged "boxer"
Number 横浜 355

ゆ 8-920

Custom Parts Number 12 sticker

Round 2[]

Car Porsche 718 Cayman GTS (982) (Modified)
Color Carrara White Metallic
Number 湾岸 308

や ・・223

Custom Parts Number 12 sticker




  • Michael is able to accurately estimate the heat on the surface of all 4 tires on his car. He is thought to be the only racer amongst the finalists of MFG Year 4 capable of this by the announcers. The only other Year 4 finalist capable of this skill is Kanata Katagiri.
  • Michael placed 12th in his first season in MFG (Year 3) despite entering mid-season.
  • Michael rarely attends the awards ceremonies, even when he finishes in top 3.