The MFG Angels are girls hired as support and advertisement for MFG . Angels tend to hold the countdown boards, carry out promotional activities and add a layer of interest to the event. Podium placing racers also get to receive a kiss on the cheek from one of the angels. They all wear the same uniform consisting of an orange short sports top with white wings and a yellow "MFG" on the front, white underwear, long orange gloves, orange boots and a white choker with a yellow heart on the front. There are drone feeds dedicated to the viewing of the Angels alongside the feeds that broadcast the races. There are currently 8 Angels.

The Angels

The current members of the MFG Angels team are mostly un-identified.

The MFG Angels (Year 4)

Angel # Real Name
2 Satou Mami
7 Ren Saionji (Confidential)


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