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Kanata Rivington (カナタ・リヴィントン - Kanata Rivington) is the protagonist of MF Ghost. He is a rookie racer who came to Japan from the United Kingdom in order to find his lost father. His mother is British, while his father is Japanese. He graduated from Royal Donington Park Racing School, a famous and prestigious racing school in the UK.


Originally from Cambridge, England, Kanata travelled to Japan with the intention to find his estranged father. He is currently staying with the Saionji family, old family friends to his mother and father. He is the love interest of Ren Saionji, who feels she fell in love with him "at first sight", regardless of not believing in that kind of thing.

Whilst searching, Kanata enters MFG, racing under the name "Kanata Katagiri", using his father's last name instead of his mother's. This could be in an attempt to call out to his father and alert him to his presence. When not preparing for or participating in MFG, Kanata spends his time searching for clues as to his father's whereabouts with the help of Ren.

Although being a "rookie" and this year being his first time taking part in MFG, Kanata shows an impressive performance in the preliminaries, managing to miss a spot in the Godly 15 by only +0.019 of a second. However, because of a disqualification of one of the Godly 15 due to regulation breach, Kanata manages to slip into the finals in 15th place. This has earned him the attention of Fumihiro Jouyuu, a higher up in MFG and a close contact to MFG's founder, Ryou Takahashi.

Kanata is supported through MFG by Ogata, who was introduced to Kanata through Mr. Saionji. Ogata is also the owner of the car that Kanata uses during MFG, having used the car himself in past years. He also has befriended and earned the support and respect of fellow racer, Shun Aiba, who has grown quite fond of him.

His goal in the race is to find his father and to push himself to his limits. He does not want to win a large amount of money and live a wealthy life, but rather to work and live like other people. That's why he started working part-time at a restaurant after the opening round, where he is popular among female customers who take notice of his good looks and personality.

Kanata has an eidetic (or photographic) memory, meaning that he can remember things that he has seen with high precision, such as with Japanese Kanji. According to Mayuko Saionji, his mother also had a similar ability.

Kanata is the student of the legendary downhill specialist Takumi Fujiwara, with Kanata's driving style being reminiscent of that of his mentor's.

Before MFG, Kanata had already had quite the career in racing of varying forms. He started racing at the age of 4 in karts. By 7 years old he started participating in the British Kart Championships and won 6 noted titles over the next 2 years. When he was 10, Kanata entered the F4 Championship and had won the title there after 2 years.

When taking his "Graduation Exam" after completing the curriculum at Royal Donington Park Racing School (RDRS), Kanata finishes with the best results in all aspects, scoring the best overall score in RDRS' history up to that point.

Kanata's ability to set good times on both real tracks and in simulations is exceptionally good. He received a lot of attention from sponsors and countless offers before he graduated due to this. However, he rejected all the offers in order to return home to his parents to care for his mother, who's health was degrading rapidly at the time. 2 years later, Kanata entered the MFG in Japan.



Car Toyota 86 GT (ZN6)
Color Lightning Red
Engine OEM Toyota 4U-GSE 2.0L "boxer"
Number Plate 藤沢 386

な 9-101

Custom Parts Opening: Prodrive sports steering wheel with Works Bell steering boss kit, Lehrmeister Vassano 18" wheels, harmonic drive suspensions, Toyota OEM NSZT-W62G in-car entertainment head unit, VSC delete.

2nd Round: Nardi Deep Corn Sport Rally steering wheel, Blitz sports brake kit, HKS Hipermax suspensions, BLITZ NUR VSR SpecD burnt tip exhaust, Blitz Suction Kit intake, HKS exhaust manifold with catalyzer, throttle controller upgrade, Enkei PF-05 18" wheels, aluminium sump guard.

3rd Round: Blitz turbo kit, Blitz gauges, carbon fiber hood.

4th Round: TRD Toyota 86 14R60 body kit (front lip, side skrit, wing, center-exit exhaust, and wheels).






  • Although he is fluent in Japanese thanks to his mother's education, he is not good at reading or writing kanji, and also not good at using chopsticks.